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The Major Benefits of Having a Healthy Colon

home made colon cleanse A healthy colon shelters friendly bacteria, absorbs needed nutrients from food, and blocks absorption of undesirable microorganisms that cause disease. The health of the colon is important to maintaining the overall health of the body. Dietary fiber improves the health of the colon and protects against some form of cancer such as colon cancer.

The Colon Enhances Nutrient Absorption

The colon absorbs salts and vitamin K, water, vitamin B12, thiamin and riboflavin made by friendly bacteria. The fast absorption of nutrients is only possible when the colon is healthy. The contents of the colon move forward at approximately 5 centimeters per hour, and the colon absorbs everything that the body can use.  Vitamin K absorption helps in blood clotting and creating bone proteins. Absorption of vitamin B12 helps make DNA for new cells, maintain nerve cells and break down fatty acids and amino acids. The absorption of thiamin and riboflavin helps the body with energy metabolism.

Meanwhile, the undigested fibers continue to sweep through the colon because they do not get absorbed in the colon. They help retain water and exercise the muscles of peristalsis. A diet consists of fruits, vegetables and whole grains allow fast absorption of nutrients and short transit time. A colon that is healthy gives the benefit of absorbing valuable nutrients and disposing waste materials.

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The Colon that is Healthy Enhances Immune Response

For the body to absorb the nutrients, it must allow nutrients through the walls of the colon without permitting any pathogenic microorganisms to pass through the lumen and enter the body tissues. Therefore, the immune system needs to patrol the colon using specialized cells that support the immune response to protect the body against unwanted colon contents. Thus, the colon is the primary defense against potential infection.

The Colon provides Benefits of Probiotics

The colon health gives many benefits involving friendly bacteria or probiotics that live in the colon. These friendly bacteria play an important role of a healthy colon. The friendly bacteria are already in the colon starting in newborn and lives in the colon as the person grows. However, changes in types and numbers of resident bacteria in the colon can lead to a decline in body functions such as immune dysfunction, digestion and assimilation of nutrients and pathogen infection.





Moreover, friendly bacteria minimize toxic substances and allergic food proteins in the digestive tract. Probiotics help regulate cholesterol and triglyceride uptake to limit inflammation of the digestive tract. These significant benefits are directly related to the resident friendly bacteria in a healthy colon.

The Best Ways to Maintain a Healthy Colon

advantage of colon cleanseThere are many helpful tips to people who are looking ways to get and maintain a healthy colon. Detoxification suggestions may help prolong your life by helping prevent illnesses such as diverticulosis, irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer. Moreover, they can help eliminate discomforts such as diarrhea, fatigue, constipation, bloating and gas.


Fiber Helps make the Colon Healthy


A great choice to make a colon healthy is taking fiber-rich food. Eating these foods is a good start to cleanse the colon. The fiber keeps the food waste moving along the digestive tract. This helps the intestine stay clean and decrease the risk of diverticular disease. Examples of high fiber foods include bananas, raspberries, peas, prunes, broccoli, celery, beans and grains.


Taking Vitamin D is Important to Colon Health


Vitamin D is beneficial in preventing diseases and maintaining the health of the colon. There are various sources of vitamin D including the sun and food, such as fatty fish, bread, cereal and milk. It is necessary to take supplements when supply of vitamin D is not enough.


Water makes the Colon Healthy


Insufficient amount of water can lead to build-up of toxins in the body. The risks of gastrointestinal conditions increase when toxins accumulate. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses (8-ounce) of water daily to cleanse the colon and keep it healthy.






Stop Holding the Bathroom time


You have to head for the bathroom in case a bowel movement is coming. You must let it go. It is not good to hold the bowel in because the build-up of fecal matter can release toxins to the body and cause diseases. One of the ways to keep a clean and healthy colon is regular bowel movements.


Exercise to Make the Colon Healthy


Exercise plays a huge part in keeping the colon healthy. The entire gastrointestinal system gets additional oxygen by increasing blood flow and circulation through exercise. Exercise helps prevent colon cancer and other diseases. The exercises don’t have to be rigid. You can perform light exercises such as yoga and stretching for at least 15 minutes daily.

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Optimize colon health through cleansing


Colon cleansing is an alternative way to clean and keep the colon healthy. It is a popular procedure that is believed to wash out toxins and waste materials that are trapped in the colon. There are many special herbs and ingredients that are used to flush toxins from the colon. Colon cleansing is particularly tailored to suit your needs. There are many colon cleansing kits available in the market. However, you must seek advice from a doctor before trying the first treatment.

Lifestyle Essentials You Need to Know to Having a Healthy Colon

advantage of colon cleanseThe colon, commonly referred as the large intestine, plays an important role in the health of a person. The colon helps remove water, salt and nutrients from indigestible food matter. It also helps form and removes solid waste from the body. A healthy colon allows regular bowel movements that are soft and easy to pass, eliminating toxins and waste from the body. In order to make the colon healthy, there are several lifestyle essentials that you must know.

Exercise Makes the Colon Healthy

Exercise significantly improve the health of the colon and reduces the risks of developing precancerous colon polyps. Thus, it has an important role in colon cancer prevention. Studies show that people who are being active consistently for at least 10 years have significantly low risk having colon cancer.

Physical activities such as cycling, running, walking, dancing or tennis likely influences the health of the colon in many ways. They help in boosting the immune system, lowering inflammation and reducing the insulin levels in the body.

Eat cruciferous Vegetables Promotes Colon Health

Vegetables are a natural source of fiber that is known to make the colon healthy. Vegetables in the cruciferous family are particularly effective not only in making the colon healthy but potent colon cancer fighters because of the sulfur compounds they contain. Consumption of cruciferous vegetables also reduces DNA damage to the colorectal cells. Examples of cruciferous vegetables include Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and Kale.

Be aware of the Dos and Don’t of meat in diet

Consumption of processed meat has always been linked to colon cancer. When it comes to processed meat, studies show that there is no safe level of consumption. Hence, you are better off avoiding it altogether than cutting consumption. Processed meats are any meat prepared by curing, smoking, salting or adding chemical preservatives. Examples of processed meats include ham, salami, bacon, corned beef and some sausages.

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Meanwhile, red meats have also been linked to an unhealthy colon. It is recommended to limit your consumption of red meat to 1 pound per week.

Furthermore, you must pay attention to how the meat is cooked regardless of the type. Cooking meat in high-heat methods such as grilling or frying contributes to the development of chemicals linked to cancer. A healthy option to cook meat includes poaching and steaming.

Consume Probiotics to make the Colon Healthy

The colon is a natural home of bad and good bacteria. The increase in bad bacteria in the colon can lead to serious health conditions. Thus, it is important to increase the good bacteria in the digestive system by limiting consumption of sugar, which feed bad bacteria. Probiotics is naturally available in fermented foods such as Kefir and yogurt. A healthy colon contains more probiotics than bad bacteria.





Healthy Steps towards Natural Colon Cleansing

advantage of colon cleanseMany People of today are fond of eating food rich in preservatives, fats, carbohydrate, sugar, you name it. People tend to be tactless when it comes to the irresistibly scrumptious foodstuffs and the effect- very drastic. Toxins and waste products build up in your bowel having to create unnecessary conditions. For this reason many people seek help only when it gets too late. That is why it is a must to know that prevention is always better that cure and with this you have to take steps in making your colon healthy.

One way is to cleanse your colon naturally. The goal of Natural colon cleansing is to promote your bowel health and its regularity. There are different methods to natural colon cleansing however cleansing using chemical and herbal- base products are not medically necessary and can even cause harm if not appropriately used. That is why here, you will learn the proper combination of an ideal lifestyle and diet as one simple mean to natural colon cleansing.

Step 1. Eat Foods Rich in Fiber

Basically you eat Fiber-rich foods because it promotes bulk to your colon and the effect will give the colon something to push against the pressure made by the bulk. This facilitates the food to move through the bowel to create a regular movement. Also Fiber has the capacity to absorb harmful toxins that strive up inside your digestive tract. This absorption will help prevent waste and other contaminants to seep inside the bloodstream.

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Step 2. Increase Oral Fluid Intake

The role of water is critically important in maintain a healthy digestive system. It is recommended to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water every day. This is a must especially when the climate is hot and when you do exercise. You have to make sure that your body is well-hydrated in order not to compromise the colon’s optimal level of functioning.

Step 3. Move and Do Exercise

Your colon is said to be like a wasteland, full of garbage and unnecessary things. The longer the garbage sits on your colon, the higher possibility of getting toxins inside your bloodstream which can lead to sepsis. However when you get to move most of the day, your colon stimulates a natural wave-like contraction known as peristalsis. Every time you move, the toxins and other waste products are moving away from your body by means of excretion/elimination. A simple 5 minute walk, yoga, or stretching can help your colon muscles attain the ideal tone and strength.

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Step 4.Respond to the Nature’s Call

When you appropriately respond toy you body’s needs, you’ll feel the urge to move your bowel. With this you have to maintain responsiveness to this important reflex. It ensures you’re stools to be soft and flexible. However if you withhold the flow too long, water will continuously absorb back inside the body which leads to a dry and hard stool. Stool withholding is a significant factor to problems with bowel irregularities such as constipation. Since every individual has a unique bowel pattern it is important to identify and respond to your own natural reflexes because this will help you unveil your own natural pattern of regularity.

Change Your Diet Now For A Healthy Colon

advantage of colon cleanseYears ago, when only a small percentage of the population heard about processed foods, people actually grew their own vegetables and cooked for dinner. TV dinners and microwaved meals were unheard of. Now, with everyone in a rush, everything seems to be instant. This phenomenon is scary and has even led many doctors to believe that is not doing anything for their healthy colon. In fact, having a diet filled with processed foods is not the life to be living if you want to grow old and still enjoy your senior years. You can start that by changing your diet.

Whole Wheat Grains For A Happy Stomach

Choosing whole wheat foods over white and sugar-laden ones is definitely the way to go. If you can choose to get brown rice, quinoa, and popcorn for your carbohydrate needs then all the more better. If you are in the grocery, check the ingredients of some items that you are about to buy. Sugar should not be among the top ingredients in the list else you are just feeding your body more junk food. Grains that are low in fat but high in fiber are definitely good in keeping a healthy colon because it will act as a sponge and absorb all the toxins in your body. Then you will just excrete this out once it has absorbed the “dirty” stuff in your intestines.




Orange And Dark Vegetables Are For You To Eat

If you are just starting out in changing your diet, try swapping every sugary food that you are munching on or a potato chip that you are nibbling on with oranges. Oranges are high in calcium and promote a healthy intestinal flora. Dark vegetables and even broccoli too are perfect in keeping your body healthy and sickness-free. You do not have to go all the way and remove all the fats from your diet right away but the sooner that you eradicate all the processed ingredients from your diet and learn to cook from scratch, then you will be on your way to having a healthier life because there will be less chemicals entering your system.

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Finding More Ways In Getting A Healthy Colon

Eating a diet with a variety of greens and fruits is not the only answer to getting a healthy body, you must also add a regular exercise to it plus keep stressors away from you. When you do all these and more, you can be assured that you will still be smiling in your senior years with a healthy and active body.